In the Nude

Whatever our opinion of Kim Kardashian, we must admit she knows a thing or two about makeup! She often completes her look with a chic nude lip, which we absolutely love! You can find the products she uses below for a step-by-step Kim Kardashian nude (the kind we encourage you try)! xoxo


1. Line your lips with MAC’s lip pencil in Strip Down.
2. Apply MAC’s lipstick in Angel.
3. Finish up with NARS’ lipgloss in Turkish Delight.

Mindless Snacking is NUTS!

Snacking throughout the day and at night is something most of us do without even thinking about it. We all keep goodies stashed in our desks, cars, kitchens, and nightstands to fill cravings when they hit. A handful of something sugary a few times a day won’t hurt us, right? Wrong! The problem is that mindless snacking leads to weight gain (and potentially other issues) without us even realizing it! Healthy snacking will help you avoid that 2pm burnout and stuffing yourself at lunch and dinner. Remember, we are what we ingest!

It’s important to have a few healthy snack options on hand that require no planning or thought. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Granny Smith apple with almond butter (so much tastier and better for you than peanut butter)
  • Nuts – almonds, cashews, walnuts
  • Homemade smoothies (one recipe: protein powder, berries, coconut/almond milk)
  • Chopped veggies with hummus or salsa

There are so many possibilities, you just have to make the right choices! Here are some of our favorite websites and blogs for healthy snack recipes:


Let us know your favorite healthy snacks!

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How To: Half-up Fishtail

With the explosion of Pinterest and other websites, comes pressure to be able to effortlessly recreate all the gorgeous hairstyles we all spend so many hours looking at. This particular tutorial works best if you have a friend to help you – so pour a glass of wine and get fishtailing! xoxo


1. Pull back desired amount of hair, as if you were going to put your hair in a half-up, low pony. We like to leave some pieces down in the front to frame the face, but you can do whatever looks best on you! Divide the hair into two sections.

2. Begin fishtailing. If you don’t know how to fishtail, don’t worry, it’s easy! Starting on the right side take a small section of hair and transfer it over the top to the left side. Repeat the same step with a small section from the left side. Continue alternating sides until you almost reach the bottom of the sectioned hair. Tie a skinny hair tie around the end of the braid.

3. “Mess up” the braid slightly by putting your hands on either side of the braid and gently pulling.

4. Take a piece of hair from the bottom and wrap it around the hair tie. Secure with a bobby pin close in color to your hair.

Lovely Lips: Red

Similar to the smokey eye, red lips are high on the intimidation list for most of us! We personally feel one of the keys to pulling off red lip color is to balance it out using your eye make up. While you can certainly go bare on the eyes and still look fabulous, don’t be afraid to try out grey shadows and black liner!

P.S. The most important element to pulling anything off is confidence! xoxo

1. The Red Show. Sephora. $12
2. Siren. Revlon. $7.99
3. Lust. Tarte. $24 *Our favorite!
4. #10. Sephora. $5

BURST to your goals


Now that it’s February, it’s very likely that most resolutions are long forgotten. If that’s you, don’t worry – you still have 11 months to achieve your goals! Just because you hit a speed bump (or 50) doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the pieces and continue working.

Many times people make solutions that involve working out or losing weight. We often underestimate the amount of willpower it takes to drag your butt to the gym after working all day. We have a solution for you – and you can do it anywhere!

Thank God research finally tells us something we want to hear. You DO NOT need to work out for an hour or even at a gym to get great, quick results. Burst or Interval training is a hot trend right now, and for good reason – you can get super fit in as little as 12 minutes a day. The idea is to work really hard for a small amount of time. You can do this with almost any exercise and you can alter the time and tempo as well. The point is to do each exercise as hard and as fast as you can for the allotted time, then rest for the same amount of time you worked. 

Sound to good to be true? Try this workout and let us know how it feels 😉

The time frame looks like this: 20 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest (3x for each exercise, doing 4-5 exercises)

Go here for more information and to buy a 2-disc dvd set to workout along with:


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Smokey Eye: Bronze and Brown

Image Image

Most of us love the thought of a smokey eye, yet find it very intimidating.  A brown smokey eye, rather than using black/grey shadows, is a great alternative!  Follow this step by step guide, and let us know how it turns out! xoxo

1.  Prime your eyes.   Primer is amazing for keeping your make-up lasting all night.  Dot it on your eyelid, as seen in the photo above, and use your ring finger to blend it in.  We used ELF’s Eyelid Primer, but if you don’t have a primer in your make-up bag than your concealer will work just fine!

2.   Line the upper lid.   The line does not need to be perfect, in fact, it shouldn’t be!  Your eyeshadow and liner will eventually cover this line.  We used the darkest brown shadow with some shimmer (Column 3, Row 10) in ELF’s eyeshadow palette.  We also really like to use liquid eyeliner for this step.  If you choose to go liquid, try Almay’s intense i-color liquid liner in Brown Topaz.

3.  Smudge eyeshadow in outer corner and crease.   Start at the outer 1/3 corner of your eye lid and sweep the shadow out wards toward your temple.  Bring the same shadow up and around into your crease.  We like to shape the shadow into a rounded point on the ends, but if you like a sharper end, go for it!  We used a shimmery brown shadow (Column 3, Row 7) from ELF’s eyeshadow palette.

4.  Fill in remainder of the lid.   Start at the inside of your lid, filling in where there is currently no shadow.  Smudge the color into the outer corner and crease to blend the two colors together.  We used a shimmery bronze color (Column 3, Row 5) from ELF’s palette.

** Choose an eye shadow that is close to your skin color and a clean eyeshadow brush.  Sweep the shadow over your brow bone.  Blend it down into your crease to smooth out any harsh lines.  You can follow this step with sweeping a light shimmer color on your brow bone and the inner most corner of your lid.  We used a shimmery cream (Column 1, Row 7) from ELF’s eyeshadow palette.

5.  Line your eyes and apply mascara.   Line your upper and lower lash lines with black eyeliner.  If you like more eyeliner you can also rim your water lines with liner.  We used ELF’s Brightening Eyeliner in Black.  Apply mascara and clean up any product left under your eyes.

Voila!  Our model is also wearing a sheer light pink gloss on her lips in the above photo.

Products we used:


Recommended Read


Sophie Kinsella, the best selling author of the Shopaholic series, is always good for a laugh and some light hearted fun, and her novel Twenties Girl is no different. I am always a huge fan of books that make you laugh out loud. I mean, really, who couldn’t use a little more of that? When Lara Lington is haunted by her dead great aunt, Sadie, all holy hell breaks loose. Sadie and Lara work very dysfunctionally, yet together to find things they are both missing. One heroine says to the other, “Darling, when things go wrong in life, this is what you do. You lift your chin, put on a ravishing smile, mix yourself a little cocktail – and out you go!” I think that’s advice we can all use as needed! xoxo

P.s. Look here for 1920’s inspired outfits!

We like milk & honey

There are few things worse than going out and realizing that all of your friends are wearing an identical nude pump (first world problem). It makes all that time you spent carefully selecting that unique (ha!) outfit seem like a waste.

We are loving the geniuses behind this website! Who wouldn’t like to create their own shoes!? There are SO many combinations to choose from with color, material, embellishments, etc. The shoes are a bit pricey, but that’s the nature of custom-made things and they are cheaper than most designer pairs. Below is a screen shot of one we created in about 3 minutes – snakeskin with a cap toe 🙂  This could be a great idea as bridesmaids gifts – you can make each shoe match your girls’ personalities.

Visit their site and start experimenting with your inner designer – don’t blame us for your new favorite thing to do when you’re supposed to be working!

-Until next time!


Risk & Resolve

I racked my brain for days trying to find the perfect New Year’s resolution. It had to be perfect, something I could achieve and something I wouldn’t lose interest in. I finally decided while taking a pre-cocktails nap that one of my (many) New Year’s resolutions would be to take more risks. My sister and I have been brainstorming for awhile about how to get our ideas out there. First, it was in the form of our own clothing boutique, which might I add turned out to be a bit more adventurous than we originally bargained for. Starting a blog is something we both separately thought a lot about. With every January comes new chances and a fresh start. Starting a blog is a lot less hazardous then say, skydiving, and much more attainable than finding the perfect husband. So here you have it – a new year, new blog, but the same old us. xoxo