BURST to your goals


Now that it’s February, it’s very likely that most resolutions are long forgotten. If that’s you, don’t worry – you still have 11 months to achieve your goals! Just because you hit a speed bump (or 50) doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the pieces and continue working.

Many times people make solutions that involve working out or losing weight. We often underestimate the amount of willpower it takes to drag your butt to the gym after working all day. We have a solution for you – and you can do it anywhere!

Thank God research finally tells us something we want to hear. You DO NOT need to work out for an hour or even at a gym to get great, quick results. Burst or Interval training is a hot trend right now, and for good reason – you can get super fit in as little as 12 minutes a day. The idea is to work really hard for a small amount of time. You can do this with almost any exercise and you can alter the time and tempo as well. The point is to do each exercise as hard and as fast as you can for the allotted time, then rest for the same amount of time you worked. 

Sound to good to be true? Try this workout and let us know how it feels 😉

The time frame looks like this: 20 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest (3x for each exercise, doing 4-5 exercises)

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-Until next time!