We like milk & honey


There are few things worse than going out and realizing that all of your friends are wearing an identical nude pump (first world problem). It makes all that time you spent carefully selecting that unique (ha!) outfit seem like a waste.

We are loving the geniuses behind this website! Who wouldn’t like to create their own shoes!? There are SO many combinations to choose from with color, material, embellishments, etc. The shoes are a bit pricey, but that’s the nature of custom-made things and they are cheaper than most designer pairs. Below is a screen shot of one we created in about 3 minutes – snakeskin with a cap toe 🙂  This could be a great idea as bridesmaids gifts – you can make each shoe match your girls’ personalities.

Visit their site and start experimenting with your inner designer – don’t blame us for your new favorite thing to do when you’re supposed to be working!

-Until next time!